Internet platform for Whistleblowers

Reduce risk and optimize costs thanks to
the best report system for your business.

Platform based on:

Security on each stage.

The platform provides a fully-fledged, encrypted system for reporting, managing and processing reports submitted by whistleblowers. The whole system was based on the requirements and obligations set by:

One platform - many possibilities.

Signance is an easy-to-use, secure and fully anonymous whistleblower platform.

Good price

One-time use, with the possibility of payment in installments and a low monthly fee.

Dedicated Website

We are the only company on the market that offers a dedicated website. No subpages, categories or our subdomains.


A separate platform based on the domain or subdomain and the implementation of the SSL certificate.


We consider data security to be the most important, therefore the connection to the platform is fully secured.

2x Verification System

All information such as the content of your report, files and other data collected by the system is stored on OVH's double-secured servers.

No limits

We do not impose any restrictions, regardless of the number of employees, whistleblowers, notifications or system administrators for whistleblowers.

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