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One platform – many possibilities.

Signance is an easy-to-use, safe and fully anonymous platform for reporting irregularities by whistleblowers

100% compliance with requirements.

The platform provides a fully-fledged, encrypted system for reporting, managing and processing reports submitted by whistleblowers. The whole thing was based on the requirements and obligations set by:


EU Directive 2019/1937

National Law

Platform compatible with:

Safety at every stage.

Signance has a number of safeguards not only related to securing the platform or server itself, but also ensures a safe connection.

Check what you get with the Signance platform

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Full Compatibility

The platform meets all requirements: GDPR | National Law | EU Directive 2019/1937

None Any Limits

Regardless of the number of employees, reports, whistleblowers or administrators, the service will always remain the same price.

Dedicated Platform

A system prepared especially for you and your company. Operating fully autonomously and independently of external factors.

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clear and organized
meet all whistleblower protection requirements.

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